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Issuing a Temporary Passport

Bulgarian citizens residing abroad who do not possess valid travel or identification documents may apply for the issuance of a temporary passport, the validity of which corresponds to the necessary time for returning to the Republic of Bulgaria, but not exceeding 12 months, after coordination with the Ministry of Interior.

Required Documents

1. Application form (obtained at the Consulate General or downloaded online from HERE). Signatures are to be done at the Consulate General;

Note: It is not necessary to bring photos. Photos/biometric data will be taken on-site at the Consulate General when submitting the application for Bulgarian personal documents.

2. State fee, payable at the Consulate General in Toronto;

3. ID card and/or passport - if expired, in original and photocopy;

4. In case the ID card and/or passport are lost or stolen - a document from the Canadian police;

5. Birth certificate - in original and photocopy;

6. Driver's license, if available - in original and photocopy;

7. When issuing a temporary passport to persons under 18 years of age, a birth certificate (in original and photocopy) must be provided. In this case, both parents must be present during the application process, sign the application, and provide their identification documents (ID card or passport, in original and photocopy).

Presence of only one parent is possible if:
- There is an explicitly notarized power of attorney in the original from the absent parent for the issuance of the passport;
- The other parent is deprived of parental rights, confirmed by a court decision;
- There is a court decision explicitly stating that one parent can submit documents for the issuance of a passport for the child without the consent of the other parent;
- Document certifying that the other parent has deceased;
- Court decision from a Bulgarian or foreign court, confirmed by a Bulgarian court, stating that the other parent is missing;
- If the father is unknown.


Bulgarian personal documents are received in person, except when the application has been submitted in person - in which case they can be received by an authorized person after presenting a notarized power of attorney or by a person whose details are listed in the application at the time of submission.

Bulgarian personal documents can also be received in person using a licensed postal or courier service when the following conditions are simultaneously fulfilled:

1. The application for the issuance of Bulgarian personal documents is submitted in person;

2. An address for receiving the new document within the territory of a country where the Republic of Bulgaria has a diplomatic or consular representation is provided during the application;

3. A prepaid envelope for return with a tracking number is provided during the application.
Upon submission of the application, the applicant should return any previous personal documents (regardless of whether they are valid or expired) of the same type, if available, fill out a declaration of loss, theft, damage, or destruction of a Bulgarian personal document, or submit a request for retention of the passport.

Individuals to whom Bulgarian personal documents are issued cannot claim compensation for damages from the competent state authorities for damages resulting from the loss or damage to the Bulgarian personal document if the loss or damage occurred after it was handed over to a licensed postal or courier service provider.

The fee for issuing a temporary passport  75 Canadian dollars.

Legal Basis: Tariff 3 for fees collected in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs system under the State Fees Act.

The temporary passport must be returned to the relevant Regional Passport Office in Bulgaria when submitting documents for the issuance of an ID card or passport, but no later than 3 months after the expiration of its validity period.

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