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Required documents when applying for the issuance of new Bulgarian personal documents

1. Application form (obtainable at the Consulate General. You can download the application form from HERE);


2. State fee, payable on-site at the Consulate General office;


3. Previous Bulgarian identity documents;

4. For persons under 18 years of age - birth certificate;


5. For an ID card, in addition to the above documents, a birth certificate is required (in case of applying for the issuance of the first ID card), as well as a certificate of permanent address (if changed);

6. For persons who have had previous (changed) names - a copy of the document certifying their current name - marriage certificate, court document, divorce decree;

7. In case a Bulgarian personal document is lost, stolen, or destroyed - another available Bulgarian personal document must be presented - ID card, passport, or driver's licence; a declaration of the circumstances leading to its destruction, theft, loss, or confiscation should be submitted - HERE;

8. Citizens who have lost a Bulgarian personal document or have not returned/renewed their Bulgarian personal document within the prescribed period after its validity has expired (3 months for a passport and 1 month for an ID card) shall be subject to an administrative offence report and a penal decree shall be issued based on Art. 53 of the Law on Administrative Offences and Penalties and Art. 81 of the Law on Bulgarian Personal Documents, imposing a fine.

- All submitted documents should have a photocopy, which remains at the Consulate General.

- When applying for a Bulgarian personal document for a person under 18 years of age, ORIGINALS and photocopies of valid personal documents of the parents of the applicant must be provided.


If retention of an invalid passport is necessary due to visas or existing border stamps, this is permitted upon signing a declaration that it will be returned after the need for its retention ceases. You can find a sample declaration - HERE

* Documents are issued under the name as it appears in the "Population" database.

Click here to submit an electronic application -

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