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Receiving the Issued Bulgarian Personal Documents

The deadline for issuing Bulgarian personal documents according to the Bulgarian Personal Documents Act is up to 90 days. The new documents are obtained in person at the Consulate General of Bulgaria, or exceptionally - by an authorized person with explicitly notarized power of attorney or by a person whose details are registered upon submission of the application. Upon receiving the new personal documents, the previous ones should be returned to the Consulate General of Bulgaria.

The expedited service for issuing personal documents is up to 60 days. Documents are delivered to the Consulate General of Bulgaria by a licensed courier company (DHL), with which the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has a business agreement. For this purpose, an additional payment of €44.70 should be made to DHL's bank account.

The payment order should be presented to the Consulate General of Bulgaria in its original form. For more information, see the section Receiving Personal Documents via DHL.

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