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Driving License Certificate

Required Documents

1. Application form (obtained at the Consulate General or downloaded online from HERE); Signatures are to be done at the Consulate General;

Note: It is not necessary to bring photos. Photos/biometric data will be taken on-site at the Consulate General when submitting the application for Bulgarian personal documents.


2. Fee, payable on-site at the Consulate General in Toronto;


3. Previous driving license certificate and control coupon – original and photocopy;


4. Valid ID card – original and photocopy;


5. Medical Certificate:

- For categories AM, A1, A2, A, B, B1, B+E, and C, it should contain examination data by an ophthalmologist and internal medicine specialist, with a conclusion regarding fitness to drive a motor vehicle;

- For other categories, a medical examination must be certified by the respective specialists: ophthalmologist, otolaryngologist, neurologist, and surgeon, with a conclusion regarding the ability to drive a motor vehicle.


A medical certificate issued by a medical institution in Canada must be legalized and translated into Bulgarian as follows: a notarized copy of the document is made by a Canadian notary, then it is sent to Global Affairs Canada or Provincial and territorial authentication services for legalization, followed by translation into Bulgarian by a translator registered with the consulate and presentation to the consulate for subsequent legalization and certification of the translator's signature.


6. In case the previous driving license certificate is lost, destroyed, or stolen, a declaration under Article 17, para. 1 of the Regulation for Issuing Bulgarian Personal Documents should be completed, describing in detail the circumstances of the loss or theft of the document. In case of theft, a document from the police authorities should also be provided.


7. In case of loss or destruction of the driving license certificate, a report establishing an administrative offence is drawn up, and an administrative penalty decision is issued based on Art. 53 of the Road Traffic Act and Art. 81 of the Law on Bulgarian Personal Documents.


Bulgarian personal documents are received personally, and as an exception, when the application has been submitted in person – by an authorized person after presenting a notarized explicit power of attorney or by a person whose details are entered in the application at the time of submission.


Bulgarian personal documents can be received personally through the use of a licensed postal or courier service provider, provided the following conditions are met simultaneously:


1. The application for the issuance of a Bulgarian personal document is submitted in person;

2. An address for receiving the new document within the territory of the country where the Republic of Bulgaria has a diplomatic or consular mission is specified upon submission of the application, or there is no diplomatic or consular mission, but there are diplomatic relations, and an accredited ambassador has been appointed;

3. A prepaid envelope for return with a tracking number for the shipment is provided upon submission of the application.


Upon submission of the application, the applicant should return the previous personal documents (regardless of whether they are valid or expired) of the same type, if any, complete a declaration of loss, theft, damage, or destruction of a Bulgarian personal document, or submit a request for retention of a passport.


Persons to whom Bulgarian personal documents are issued cannot claim compensation for damages from the state authorities responsible for issuance and delivery, incurred as a result of loss or damage to the Bulgarian personal document, if the loss or damage occurred after its handover to a licensed postal or courier service provider.

State Fees for Issuing a Driving Licence Certificate

Legal Basis:

Tariff 3 for fees collected for consular services in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs system under the State Fees Act.

Tariff 4 for fees collected in the Ministry of Interior system under the State Fees Act.

For individuals aged 18-58 years - 50 Canadian dollars;

For individuals aged 58-70 years - 39 Canadian dollars;

For individuals over 70 years old - 30 Canadian dollars.

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